Lxrd LaCree, Music Is A Universal Language


With the goal to leave an ever lasting impression not only in Rap but as in music culture, Maywood’s, IL native son Lxrd LaCree dropped out of college with 8 months left after deciding that music was much more impactful on his life. Born April 5, 1990 he brings a unique brand of Rap to the forefront with a 90’s feel of lyricism infused with his own sound he’s been crafting for years now with his cohorts S.C.A.R. Society.

LaCree brands his music as honest Rap telling tales of his upbringing in this generation and how out of touch with reality they truly are. His objective is to connect with all genres of music because at the end of the day music is a universal language we all understand.

Instagram: @LaCreeDeBaptist
Twitter: @kinglacree

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