Lucien Parker, Navigating Into A New Realm


Lucien Parker is a 17 year old hip-hop artist from the Twin cities Minnesota. During his freshman year Lucien found spoken word poetry as an outlet of creativity. He competed in his first poetry slam the same year and found a passion for spoken word. As a sophomore and junior Lucien was a member of the Minnesota International Slam Team that traveled to Brave New Voices (BNV) which is an international youth poetry slam festival. For two years Lucien and his team competed against other youth representing states from across the country and international countries like Guam, England, and South Africa. During this process Lucien began to perfect his craft filling notebooks and practicing in his room.

He began rapping over Instrumentals and collaborating with friends that attended Washburn. He eventually formed a small group titled W2O (Way Too Original) that only lasted for a year but released singles over its term. Following a vocal surgery in 2013, Lucien Sprung back into action and released his first comeback single titled “Tresndsetta” which can be found on Soundcloud. He began working with his best friend Aaron Aye, now a member of Young Forever ENT supervised by Chris Anokute.

With Aaron’s help Lucien released his first EP in September 2013 titled “Hip-Hop Therapy.” Now Lucien continues to grind and stay hungry for shows and a way to get a foot in the door of the music industry. He now records at two Minneapolis based recording studios: Platinum Palace Records and Taylor Sound. He has worked with various artists and is about to begin the process for his first mixtape. He is now trying to navigate into a new realm in his career to start getting paid.

Visit Lucien Parker on his Official Website to learn more about his music.

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