Lou Daddie, Runnin’ Da City

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Lou Daddie, originally from Africa moving stateside at 8, is from the DMV and is part of group called RDC (Runnin’ Da City). Hearing a Biggie song for the first time he fell in love with the art of Hip Hop and the culture. Hearing someone flow over a beat was just amazing to him, it sounded different from all the music he had heard before. Biggie and Jay Z are Lou’s two favorite rappers.

Lou’s music varies. He makes music that everyone can relate to, not just for Hip Hop fans, because his music can go anywhere from a Jay Z “Reasonable Doubt” or “Blueprint” feel to Lou flowing/harmonizing over trap beats to rapping over pops beats. Lou has a very unique style.

Official website: www.audiomack.com/artist/lou-daddie
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/lou-daddie


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