Lotti Is A Firm Believer In Investing In Oneself

This Michigan based artist is starting to make listeners ears perk up with a style that’s true to himself. Lotti’s talent is quickly developing, and moving forward he’s looking to go from local to global. With each new release, Lotti will get closer to reaching his dreams and mass recognition is only suitable after the hard work he’s put in.

When asked about his music career he mentioned, “I have been doing music for a while, just recently took it to a serious level. I am 24 and make music for people to be able to relate to if you got money or you don’t. If you have a good relationship or not. plus much more. I’m blessed to say even this is great for me at this time. I was once told, ‘If you don’t invest in yourself no one will invest in you.’ I’m a firm believer of that.”

Lotti has opened up for Que better known as OG Bbby Johnson in Sioux City and has learned how to record other artist along with himself. Upcoming is an EP that will offer 5 tracks along with an intro video and mini YouTube series interview. He’ll also be in a Montana of 300 video that’s coming soon.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/DevonLottiLot

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