Lo’Key Tha YG, The Real Deal


The name Lo’Key came from being more of a listener than just a speaker. Growing up in a musical family meant that he was destined to be a natural at entertaining; his mother was a female rapper with various groups. From an early age Lo’Key studied the work of different rap artists such as Kurupt & Daz Dillenger, Brotha Lynch, 2 Pac, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Mausburg, Jayo Felony, Ice Cube, Tray Dee, and his cousin Young Lexo.

Lo’Key was able to emulate great artists’ vocal/rap styles and it was inevitable that he would have a dream to seek a career as a rapper, songwriter, and live performer. However, this edgy and insightful young man is clear on his views of life. He remains true to his humble beginnings and stays informed on global events. Lo’key Tha YG’s music and songwriting will confirm that he is the “real deal” and here to stay.

Official website: www.hardknocklifeent.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/streetmotivation/fo-fingaz-up-lokey-tha-yg


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