Lodoublet, The Gospel


Lodoublet (ell-oh-double-tea) is an MC/Producer from Wisconsin USA. Growing up on hair/thrash/death metal, and finding a home in the punk scene as a teenager, Lodoublet was the last person you’d picture grabbing a mic and becoming an MC. After an 8 year run singing/songwriting/playing guitar in punk bands (Toxic shock/The dpns), Lodoublet decided to take his self-made beats and notebook of rhymes and release some mix tapes quickly becoming a fan favorite.

His first release was an EP titled “The Pumpkin Island” in 2007. With beats comparable to Girl Talk mixed with The Bomb Squad and lyrics reminiscent of the Beastie Boys and Fat Mike, it was a recreation of Lodoublet’s live set plus a couple of unreleased songs. In 2008 Lodoublet released “Hoedown At The Robot Farm, “all beats and production by Lodoublet with cuts by friend and DJ Muddy Puddles. In 2010, Lodoublet released “Robots, Aliens, Sheep, And Swine” with cuts by JB ILL, again all beats and production by Lodoublet. In 2012 Lodoublet joined forces with performance artist/burlesque dancer Mandie Savage to create a new visual spectacle called The Gospel.

Lodoublet embarked on his first tour with The Gospel as the concept for his next record “Pretty Dead” grew. Dubbed the “No Fee ATM” tour, The Gospel made stops in Trenton, NYC, Buffalo, Minneapolis, and more. “Pretty Dead” was released in October 2013. The record features the lyrical acrobatics and sonic bombast fans expect. The Gospel hit the road again in the spring of 2014 sweeping the eastern U.S. The stage show continued to evolve and intrigue audiences. The Passion Week Party Tour hit Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, and more along the way.

Official website: https://lodoublet.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lodoublet
YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/lodoublet
Facebook: https://facebook.com/lodoublet, https://facebook.com/jointhegospel
Bandcamp: https://jointhegospel.bandcamp.com
Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/lodoublet

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