Livin Water’s Giving Hope To Those Lacking A Vision

Livin Water’s starting to make himself known in the professional recording and music industry. Through his dedication to music, the diligent artist is leaving a stamp with cutting edge songs and lyrics. As a music artist as well as an entrepreneur, don’t be surprised to see Livin Water in the biggest publications. Only highlight reel type of work can be expected moving forward from this emerging artist.

“I’m an artist whose beliefs consist of faith, family, and making an impact through music. My strengths are honest lyrics, high energy, uniqueness, and a flow pattern that’s pretty impressive,” he points out. Considered an outsider by most, Livin Water continues to strive and thrive in his craft. He’s performed from as little as five to as many as thousands, and regardless of audience size he brings the same energy. He’s has done countless mission shows and given his time freely focusing on giving hope to those lacking dreams and vision.

Livin Water’s upcoming album titled Unfinished Business Vol.1 features the single “Aquafina” that’s gained notoriety. From the energy to the pureness of the track, and combined with awesome production, it’s his biggest release to date. Looking back at his work, he reveals, “If I could give hope through my music and leave an impact, the time, money, and energy would have been worth it.”

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