LITL A, My Craft Is Unmatched


The stage name LITL A stands for little bit of arrogance. LITL A was born in Houston, Texas but raised in Los Angeles, California. He’s been doing music for 7 years and has toured and preformed over 1,000+ shows in different venues from California to Arizona to Texas. LITL A has also released over 14 mixtapes in the last three years and eight videos which are all available on YouTube. A major setback caused him to take some time off and really evaluate his music career. Overcoming the setback LITL A has gained a stronger perspective of the game, who he is and where he wants to go as an artist.

LITL A’s musical influences come from Tupac, Scarface, Snoop Dogg, and Marvin Gaye. He feels that his craft is unmatched, especially how the industry is today. Some would say that he’s the voice of reason for the streets of his generation. LITL A believes in God first, then family, and his passion for music.


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