Lil Wayne Talks “Tha Carter V,” Kobe Bryant

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Lil Wayne recently sat down with ESPN The Magazine for his latest interview, speaking about everything from athletes tweeting teasers about Tha Carter V to social media to his music.

During the interview, the hip-hop star revealed that it was Kobe Bryant’s idea to use the “Carter V Season” as the catchphrase for the lead-up project to his next album. Below are excerpts. Read more at

On the idea to have athletes tweet teasers for C5: “My [manager] Cortez came up with it: What do you think about Kobe tweeting the album art? I’m like, what do I think? That’d be dope. So I had the homey hit him up simple procedure: Hey, can you tweet this? And he did [on April 28]. It wasn’t planned or paid—I only went to the homeys as a favor for a friend.”

On Kobe Bryant: “‘Carter V Season’ was all Kobe. He came up with it. I saw that and thought, That’s dope as hell, so that’s what we’re calling the [album] campaign. I thanked him. Then we thought about Floyd.”

On Floyd Mayweather: “We knew Floyd had a fight coming up. So all eyes were on him. I have his number, so I had my homey hit him up: Can you put this video of Drake out, as a little tease? He did [on April 30]. And it worked. That sh*t was crazy. I told him I appreciate him. He said he’s down for whatever else. That’s Floyd — down for whatever.”

On social media: “I don’t know social media. I’m old-school: I know eyes and ears. I know sports, worldwide, is forced on you all day, every day in a great way. Kobe can reach a wider audience. Plus, everybody knows I’m in love with sports, so it’s a way to be involved.”

On Tha Carter V: “Tha Carter V is about growth, flat-out. My thoughts are wiser. I still say what I want to say — it just sounds better and makes more sense. That all comes with growth and maturity.”

On his music: “I never try to send messages through music. Music is about self. It’s supposed to be personal, a reflection of me, unless you have somebody writing it for you, and everybody know I’m not that artist. I’m not sending a message because that message may not get across. Whatever message you take from it is your choice.”

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