Ligit, True To My Principles

MRC_1206 III

Born and raised in Winston Salem, North Carolina, Ligit was always blessed to have an ear and gift for great music. Influenced by the likes of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and 2pac as a child, Ligit fell in love with Hip Hop. Throughout his school years, Ligit wrote lyrics and freestyled with friends and classmates daily. Born in the inner city struggle of welfare, guns, and drugs in the family, Ligit went through hard times. After high school Ligit got involved with an armed robbery, was charged, and served a few years in prison.

Upon his release, Ligit decided to continue his passion for music. Ligit’s uncanny rhyme delivery sets him apart from his peers. With his unique style, Ligit strives to stay true to his principles. His first mixtape “Bright Ghetto Street Lights” showcased his ability to create tracks with great rap intensity. Ligit is one of the dopest emcees to grace the mic; clearly a voice of this generation. His newly released “For Our Sake” EP is hype and fresh; available on iTunes and his website. He is currently working on a new music video. With that southern lyricism, Ligit is bound for a breakout success.

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