Leon Legacy, Amassing A Legacy


Hailing from Worcester, MA, the city of seven hills, Leon Legacy is conquering the music scene and bringing his dreams to life one step at a time. Having struggled through everything from poverty, social alienation, drug addiction, and mental illness, he has a unique perspective he expresses through music. Leon’s music is all his own with explosive melodies carried by soothing piano riffs and clever creative sampling that would send chills down the spine of Kanye West himself. Coupled with raw-heart wrenching lyrics that grip you tight and send you hurtling through the cyclone of emotions that is his life, Leon’s lyrics define the journey of the lost and alienated millennial struggling to find a way in a fast paced rapidly changing world.

Leon’s influences are vast ranging from lyrical Hip Hop juggernauts like Lupe Fiasco and Eminem to genre bending music legends like Kid Cudi, Likin Park, and The Postal Service. Blurring the lines of genre by seamlessly mixing sounds of everything from Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Indie Pop, and Alternative Rock, he shows that although he is a rapper he sees his genre as less of a rule or guideline and more of a soft suggestion.

As a rapper/producer/singer-songwriter/entrepreneur Leon has a lot to offer the music world as he brings his ever expansive vision to life one project a time continuing to amass his legacy through an ever growing family of followers one city, one show, one stage, and one mic at a time.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/leonlegacy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leonlegacy
Instagram: www.instagram.com/leonlegacymusic
Twitter: @leonhasalegacy


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