Lamarkie Is Releasing Reality Music


From notable styles and a stunning stage presence, Lamarkie’s music is standing out as an entity all its own. The quality of art, music, and dedication put forth by the industrious artist is definitely making a mark and impact on the music community. It won’t be long before you hear Lamarkie’s music nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing talent.

Chicago, IL born and Rockford raised, this upcoming artist fell in love with music the moment he heard it. “Being young it started with the blues. First my mom played it a lot when I was young and you couldn’t help but to listen to it all night long. So it grew on me. I didn’t understand the music then, but the feeling it gave me is something I’ll never forget because somehow it touched my soul,” Lamarkie recalls about how music became part of his life. His first mixtape release titled reality Music Vol. 1 resulted in positive feedback and the single “Anytime” getting airplay on Miami’s Excitement radio and Atlanta’s K-100.

Lamarkie’s currently working on his new project, the sequel titled Reality Music Vol. 2. This time he’s reaching out to other artists to do features like T-Rell, Lil-Bibby, and Lyinheart. Moving forward he’s slated to fly out to Atlanta to perform in front of A&Rs and to obtain a record deal in 2017.

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