LAHSoul The Golden Child, Eyes Have Not Seen Nor Ears Have Heard


LaMonte Hughbanks, a 22 year old albino hip-hop artist also known by his stage name LAHSoul The Golden Child, was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Just recently LAHSoul has relocated to the Los Angeles, California area where he attends college at the Art Institute of Santa Monica for audio production to chase his music dream. Living in a small townhouse with 5 siblings and parents who would get into intense altercations had an impact on LAHSoul. Eventually his father ended up going to jail and that’s when LAHSoul’s life started to become real and reveal its true colors. Outside his home life he would get teased a lot because of his skin color and it was always hard for him to be accepted.

LAHSoul took all his problems and frustrations to the pen and pad around the age of 9 when he recorded his first song “Basketball” and a year later “Heaven.” Eventually he started showcasing his talents in front of people at school talent shows and started to gain recognition. LAHSoul started a group with one of his local homies, L.G., called the WorldWide Boys. Though the duo split up, L.G. credits LAHSoul for his interest in becoming a gospel rapper due to LAHSoul’s performances at churches. LAHSoul began to take his own route as well and realized God had another plan in store for me.

LAHSoul aspires to be the first albino hip-hop artist to make it out of Michigan. Follow LAHSoul as he makes a difference with his music striving to inspire other youth out there with albinism and who have the same story. LAHSoul dropped his first EP on November 1, 2013 titled “Eyes Have Not Seen Nor Ears Have Heard” which can be found on Soundcloud and Reverbnation. LAHSoul also dropped his most recent project September 19, 2014 in Los Angeles California and is available on the same site.

Twitter: @_KDML
Instagram: @_lah_soul

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