Lady Jazmynne, Music Priestess of Soulful Dance and Timeless Funk


“Being transgender has certain advantages. Like having a vocal range from tenor to soprano for example. Most people are quite surprise to learn all the voices are my own.”

“On this EP all the voices are my own.” Lady Jazmynne is making a reference to her recent single “I’m Gone” produced by Kustom of Washington, D.C. Jazmynne got her start in a Pentecostal church. She sang all throughout high school and even directed that church’s choir while still in her teenage years. As an adult festivals and clubs got a glimpse of her amazing talent. It didn’t’ stop there. Jazmynne has headlined at many events. In addition to singing on stage to Patti Labelle, she has also been a staunch advocate for many organizations and causes. She is proud of her advocacy work.

Today when Jazmynne walks into any bar in Las Vegas, or any city that performs live music, there will invariably be those who walk up and ask, “Are you Jazmynne.” That question is often followed by “Are you going to sing?” She is known for her unique delivery of dance and funk; therefore, adopting the slogan “Music Priestess of Soulful Dance and Timeless Funk.” She is not afraid to push the envelope both in the studio and in the way she shares her music. Her latest music is available on her website for donations in both U.S. dollars and the new crypto-currency Bitcoin.

Residents of Las Vegas, Nevada, Jazmynne and her husband are busy making business connections that will introduce her music worldwide even if that means relocating out of the U.S. Without the distractions of children, Jazmynne is busy creating music every day. That music is her legacy and that legacy changes lives. The next project on the agenda is a music video in which LJ Productions is accepting donations on PayPal to achieve this goal. Fans and contributors may do so on her website or PayPal.

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