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Torion Dexter a.k.a. D.E.X. is a young artist with the passion to speak truth. D.E.X. represents the Inland Empire of Rilato, California. Also a part Of MONSTA FAM, a dominant and infamous group full of abstract emcees, D.E.X.’s goals are to succeed in this life that we struggle in everyday. His story can relate to many, but all you have to do is listen. D.E.X. Also produces a variety of beats, being diverse and unique.

D.E.X. was born in 1992 in Los Angeles C.A. and was always around Hip-Hop music. His father would play Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Krs-One and others, while his Uncle was a dope DJ and rapper. Fascinated by watching him talking to himself in the mirror, as D.E.X. got older he realized that his uncle was rapping in the mirror, and finding it ironic that he now does the same thing. As a kid D.E.X. loved to read, explore, and write poetry as being creative and making something worthwhile made him very passionate. His Grandmother, seeing his potential, encouraged him saying, “You Will Be Successful and Known all over the World.” D.E.X. started writing Rhymes at about 15yrs old in high school, at first for fun then taking it seriously. An avid writer, he is on his 10th Composition book, every book titled by number as another chapter in his life.

In a story there are ups and downs, emotions, suspense, and much more. Using these stories and his talent, D.E.X  brings a unique gift to the table.

You can listen to more music by D.E.X at and on SoundCloud at

D.E.X. – Shook

D.E.X. – d(-_-)b

D.E.X. – Everyday Life

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