KYSTER, Capricorn


Elijah Winters better known as KYSTER was born and raised in Memphis, TN who has a passion for video games, playing pickup football, bike riding, fast cars, and most of all music. He started to play the piano at the age of 4 and at age 8 he started to create mixtapes. He learned by sitting on his little Samsung and because of good ears he became increasingly better at tempo and beats. From a very young age he knew what we wanted to do by listening to EDM. Now he’s ready to make the push to become not only an excellent EDM artist but excellent overall musician.

With less than a year of going public with his music, KYSTER’s music needs to be heard for its universal appeal. He’s had a couple blogs written about his single titled “Capricorn” that we’re excited to showcase today. Although I hasn’t done any r&b, it may be in future plans.

KYSTER is busy working on various projects, a lot of good sounding music and beats. He has one that he’s hyped about called “B.O.S.S.” that’s ready to go. He’s hitting the pavement hard with demos and like everyone else is waiting on the fastball to hit a home run with his sound.

Facebook: kyster
Soundcloud: kysterofficial

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