KT Gipson, Blending Music and Comedy

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Comedic Hip Hop artist KT Gipson spent the first several years of his life in and out of Detroit and Wetumpka, Alabama. Although born in Ozark, Alabama, he permanently moved to Detroit in 1996. During his time in Alabama, KT received exposure from not only R&B and Jazz, but also Blues and Country music. It was in Detroit that he received exposure to Hip Hop, Techno, Pop, and Rock.

KT has rocked open mic nights all around Michigan and Arizona which is where he is currently located. Currently signed to Real Raw Dawg Media Group founded by Neno Calhoun, KT has released several singles. In March 2014 he teamed up with longtime friend M.A.V. and together released “Live from Hart Plaza.”

In addition to recording projects, KT featured in the lineup on the Motown Hip Hop & R&B Tour which took place in Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale, Arizona. He then tried his hand at stand up. His first set was at the world famous Stand Up Live in Phoenix. KT Gipson is an artist whose style of music blends all genres and comedy into one.

Official website: www.ktgipson.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ktgipson/sets/bar-city-blues


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