KooleyHundun Is Keeping It Real On Instrumentals

KooleyHundun is coming into the music industry with hot beats and lyrics. Add to that a stunning stage presence, this Mississippi based artist’s style is unforgettable and undeniable. The locals are digging this fresh style and only the best is yet to come. KooleyHundun has a gusto about his work that goes unmatched to others. It’s that enthusiasm that’s the platform to his success.

“Since I’ve realized who I am, I’ve felt more like an artist and not just a local rapper. I found my style through working on my craft day and night and finally finding a way to record confidently. I believe that my music is a way for me to have an impact in this world and speak positively on my aspect of artistry,” KooleyHundun points out. He’s kept it real on instrumentals by speaking on everyday situations. His music has even been heard across state lines, from Texas all the way to Georgia.

Simply being able to be real on instrumentals speaking on everyday situations. I’ve performed at local and state to state areas including Texas and Atlanta.

When asked about what he treasures the most he reveals that his pride and joy is his debut mixtape titled Selfiethemixtape because it has his transformation into finding who he wanted to be. KooleyHundun feels that if his music was to get heard that listeners would continue to keep pressing repeat. “My goals are to have everyone realize that I am an artist and I love creating the music that they listen to,” he adds.

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