Konstant33n Kaly, Hood Video Entertainment


Konstant33n was born and raised in New York’s capital, Albany. He is an artist hard to place in a specific genre or limit within a closed box. His style encompasses spoken word, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues. The most important ideal for Konstant33n is to be true to himself and ignite positive energy. He’s a God-centric artist who knows the reality of trial, disloyalty, and heartbreak. He is ever-ready and always inclined to optimistic endeavors and heightened spirituality.

Konstant33n owns a video production company (Hood Video Entertainment) and a photography company (Third Eye Visions). Hood Video Entertainment has been a colossal element in the underground community as it provides a spotlight and broadcasting outlet for unsigned artists. Although founded in Albany, NY, that does not and will not limit its demographics as artists from many places have been exposed through this passage. It was the impact of Hood Video Entertainment that inspired the creation of the April 2013 release, “The Streets of Albany.” The project is a DVD created, executive produced and directed by Konstant33n, to highlight unsigned artists in Albany, NY and how they have prospered from the respect they receive from and in the streets.

The states of Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee have welcomed Konstant33n and his music either by performance or direct media presence. With several business ventures under his belt along with released mixtapes “The Principles,” “The Beginning of Greatness,” and the upcoming EP “Martial Law,” this is just the start of a legend’s story. Konstant33n also founded his own organization, Gemini Lif3, which enhances exposure to his zodiac sign (Gemini) to shed some light on their behaviors while providing support to his fellow astrological allies.

Official website: www.whoiskonstant33nkaly.com (coming soon)
Soundcloud link: www.soundcloud.com/konstant33n-kaly-fanpag3

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