Konrad Costa, Sooner Than Later


Konner Cooney, Konrad Costa, was born on August 12, 1992 in a small poverty stricken city in upstate New York named Troy. His brothers and himself used to freestyle rap and beat box with each other in order to get away from their current surroundings and that was when one day Konner discovered the world famous music production programs Garage Band, Fruity Loops 6, and Reason. As the years went on Konner had mastered the most important things in music production which was catching the metronome and working with various tempo styles. He began writing and composing many songs and instrumentals in his music class and was called on to do live recordings for concerts at his school and various live instrument studio sessions.

Konner had recorded and produced 2-3 Songs for the school and created an album/mixtape for the benefits of keeping and saving the music program that the governor at the time was desperately trying to cut. The proceeds from selling the album went to the music program and the school. At the age of 16 he lost his grandmother who had been his biggest fan and loved his music. It was at that point that Konner forever dedicated his life and soul to music and doing whatever in his power to make it happen.

In 2011 Konner met a talented group from the Bronx borough in NYC and went onto engineer, write, and further his career producing 3 – 4 mixtapes with the group. Unsatisfied with the experience, wanting to produce more of his own solo work, Konner parted ways in 2013. He rebranded himself from Koncept to Konrad Costa and began to produce music for himself. He’s taken his career to the next level by starting his own LLC in 2015 called KCostaLLC. And has since then written and recorded an album entitled “Sooner Than Later” inspired by the 4 years it’s taken to complete the project. His debut album is scheduled to be released in late May/early June.

Official website: www.reverbnation.com/konradcosta
Facebook: @Konrad Costa
Instagram: @K.Costa45

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