Konchis To Release Yugen Under Renegade Masters


Scotland music artist Konchis is no stranger to the music and recording industry. From different sounds to top shelf production, the music definitely stands apart. His dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the majors won’t be a surprise in this case. Don’t miss out on Konchis because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

The 24 year old producer’s rapidly gaining a lot of people’s attention. The son of Mr. Defy from the critically acclaimed Two Tone Committee, a pioneering UK rap crew, it is safe to say Konchis has had music in his blood from birth. Part of Scotland’s notorious hip hop crew The Being, he also writes lyrics and goes under the alias Jetsam that’s churning out everything from classic boom bap hip hop to psychedelic soundscapes and everything in between.

Spending the last 10+ years working on his craft, he’s collaborated and shared the stage with a myriad of artists. Collaborating with Soom T has led to him to becoming an in-house DJ and producer for her label Renegade Masters. Konchis’ debut instrumental album Yugen, under his electronic alias Jetsam, is set for release in 2016 on vinyl, CD, and digital from Renegade Masters. He is also quietly working behind the scenes on homegrown Glasgow hip-hop label Southside Deluxe.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/konchis
Bandcamp: www.konchis.bandcamp.com

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