Knox, King of the Dougie

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Kevin Sean Knox, better known as Knox, was born on April 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up without a father and having his mother as his only support, Knox’s childhood was far from picture perfect. At the age of 4 Knox found himself in Georgia with his mother until his fourth grade year of school, after which they moved back to Utah. Not having an established and stable foundation, moving all around the city and at times even being homeless, was an all too familiar for Knox and his mother. As a result, getting involved in any hobbies and enjoying the precious moments of his childhood years proved to be extremely difficult.

After finishing high school, Knox found a quite interesting hobby, dance. Dancing proved to be more rewarding than he could have ever imagined. As Knox grew in his dancing talent so did his supporters. After numerous hits on his jaw dropping YouTube dance videos and becoming known as “King of the Dougie,” Knox’s fan base sky rocketed. Time passed and his passion for dance became overshadowed by the Rap music which he once danced to. Transitioning from “pop locking” dance sensation into a Rap artist revealed even more light on Knox’s unprecedented talents.

After countless hours in the studio, YouTube hits that some people can only dream of having and gaining thousands of followers on his social networking sites Knox’s career was already on the rise. This worldwide recognition caught the attention of the CEO of BEMG (BLOCK Entertainment Music Group). He was fascinated by young Knox’s display of talent and how he was unintimidated of the Rap game. Knox’s passion and drive for his music lead him to the signing of his very first recording contract with the BEMG Label. He is currently working on his first debut album.

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