Knottydred, Planting The Seed


Born in Paterson, New Jersey and raised by his grandmother, Knottydred found a bunch of Dolamite and The Mack movies and was fascinated by the way their slick talk rhymed. It influenced him to want to have swag and a way with words, so Knottydred started crafting rhymes that he could incorporate into his everyday conversations. Those became his first rhymes.

Knottydred moved to Wilmington, North Carolina to start high school and attended E.A. Laney where Big Torch was already a known beast with the flow. One day someone pulled the fire alarm that would plant the seed of love for rhyming. Torch started a cypher and Knottydred joined in, got good reviews, and from then on he was Jack Frost because the rhymes were cold. As he got older and dreaded up, Knottydred was born.



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