KingILabash: The Dancehall King


Music artist KingILabash’s no stranger to the music industry. From unique sounds to top shelf production, his work definitely stands apart. His ambition and focus has primed the artist to exceed expectations and to become a highly sought out talent by professionals. Don’t miss out on KingILabash because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

Coming from the small Caribbean island of Grenada, specifically St. George, he has worked hard over the years to achieve recognition in the music industry and to earn the admiration and respect of fans and fellow musicians alike setting his own foundation as the “Dancehall King.” With his smooth reggae vocals, down home attitude, and cross-genre musical style, KingiLabash displays a realness and originality that’s all too rare in the world of reggae music.

Most recent his team and he successfully completed a college tour in Boston that visited over 40 colleges. He’s also shared stages with top reggae artist in the industry. KingILabash released his debut album in 2012 and landed him an independent distribution deal with VPrecords. Now he’s currently working on releasing an LP at the end of August or early September. Additionally he’s adding some overseas shows to his tour list.

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