King Yasha, 138 Dope Gang


King Yasha, 19, located in the East Side of New Jersey, is an upcoming independent artist in the music industry within the genre Rap/Hip-Hop. King Yasha is the start of a movement that started in New Jersey called 138 Dope Gang which went viral around New Jersey. King Yasha was born and raised in the East Side with his music focus being on a trap mentality, females, party life style, luxury, and a story life of the struggle to success and being doubted upon.

The future for King Yasha is looking very bright. He is also a producer going to school for production and engineering and is working with several music artists, producers, and models in the industry. In addition, King Yasha is now trying out for record label auditions. Yasha and 138 Dope Gang are on the rise and will keep chasing dreams.

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