King Skellee The Great, Higher Thinking


King Skellee The Great was born August 26th 1990 in Spokane, WA as Darian Blakemore. This talented mc started flowing in first grade with his uncle. Never anticipating studio time, young Darian recorded with his karaoke machine. As time progressed to late elementary-early middle school, Darian performed his first song with a cousin and fellow mc Moe Davis entitled “So Fly So Fresh.”

Due to its success Darian got his first name “Lil bones” which quickly changed in middle school to “Darizzle” because people said he had a style like Snoop. In high school his name changed yet again when he cliqued up with the Fitted Boys and earned the name King Skellator for being the skinniest of the group. King Skellator was a mouthful for most people so they began calling him King Skellee.

When asked why people call him King Skellee instead of just Skellee he replies, “People call me king not because I feel I’m better than everyone or that I’m too good, but because of how in control of myself I am. How I provide a voice for those who may not have the courage to speak. I inspire and tell stories creating massive amounts of imagery through my lyrics. I rule myself with a chess mindset; if I get put into check I use tactical maneuvering to escape. King to me is a mindset and with this mindset I do not battle, I win.”

In his senior year of high school King Skellee moved to Kent, WA where he met the mc Young Gwopp from Young Energy Entertainment and got into the studio for the first time and laid his first official song in a studio entitled “Eyes of a Boy 18.” After dropping out of high school in 2008 King Skellee added The Great to his name.

When asked why he replied, “That was my way of saying I’m going to be for real about this music and never settle for anything less than great because perfection doesn’t exist.”

Today King Skellee The Great works hard to continue inspiring his peers and people all around and is currently working on his first album “Higher Thinking.”

Learn more about King Skellee The Great on his Conquer Entertainment page.

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