King Jahsh, I Became Rap


Jahsh is out of Fredericksburg, VA who is now known as “King Jahsh,” He first started rapping as a hobby his freshman year of High school. Although his friends and family constantly told him the music industry was something he should pursue, he hadn’t realized the impact his lyrics had on people until entering his school’s Talent Show his sophomore year. he went on to win Audience Favorite. “That’s when I realized I could reach people in a more creative way.”

He proclaimed. “I became Rap.”

Since then, he took a break to find himself as an artist and to learn the business side of the industry. He then decided that marketing his lyricism would be the most effective path for him given the fact that he, “doesn’t need to curse to make good music.” Now that he’s found his niche, his future looks to behold nothing short of greatness.

Learn more about King Jahsh on his Official Bandcamp Page.

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