Kilzone, Straight Lyricism and Originality

mase and ron

What started off as a handshake between founders Jamie Kilzone and Ron Teri has quickly landed itself as a staple in the underground Hip Hop community. Kilzone is becoming a well-known act throughout all of New York and the Tri-State Area. With straight lyricism and originality, there’s no one like them in the game today.

Lyricist/Producer Ron is from Queens, NY. Growing up he was exposed to all different genres of music, with his biggest two being Rock and Hip Hop. Ron started off experimenting his interest with music in a hard core rock band. With the natural talents of a musician, he was able to self-teach how to not only play but skill the guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. His biggest influence in Rock is System of a Down, for their originality and mastering their craft.

After becoming part of several bands over 5 years, Ron took a step back and became a fan of music for a while. In 2007, after the loss of his father, Ron started writing poetry which lead him to where he is today – making his first mixtape. Growing up in the 90’s he was able to gain influence from great hip hop artists such as Wu-Tang, Biggie, Lost Boys, DMX, etc.

His poetry, used as an avenue to release emotion, became his skill of being a lyricist. Always a story to tell, a message to send. To him hip hop is about expressing yourself through rhyming schemes and word plays performed over a beat.

His influences when writing music today consists of Jon Connor, Nas, Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and other artists of the kind keeping it original when it comes to Hip Hop.

The next member to join the journey was FreeMase, a high school friend of Ron. At a young age he was moving around with his mom finding a place to call home. He learned to turn to music to cope, which lead him to his love for it. Artists who inspired him were mostly in the R&B genre, specifically Boys II Men and KC & JOJO.

As a freshman in high school he decided to put his musical talents to good use, soon becoming the head of the award winning drumline where he excelled with the snare drum.

In 2009 FreeMase and his mom suffered a devastating house fire losing everything and leading them to move once again, this time to Philadelphia, PA. Being forced to start his senior year of high school there, he took the emotions of his hardships, and his already outgoing personality, and joined the school choir. He was quickly promoted to lead vocalist and knew then his dream was to pursue a career in music.

FreeMase sang on a few of Ron’s tracks from an earlier mixtape gaining the attention of Kilzone Ent manager, Jamie Kilzone, and soon became part of the team. From just goofing around with Ron he learned his skill and enjoyment in rapping.

Since he has this dual skill of singing and rhyming, it allows him to make songs going in and out of some crazy flows. Keeping to his fun personality with some party bangers and his wordplay, FreeMase released his first mixtape in 2012 and strived to make moves from there.

Together this duo has become a memorable act on stage. They have continued to make connections and leave impressions everywhere they go. The talents of playing instruments and great rhymes combined keeps the attention of spectators and fellow artists abroad. They have the skill of making their own beats whether digital, with instruments, or their own voice box – but also look to work with other great producers who compliment their style.

No stage is too big or small, from a small local pub to a poppin club or the street corner at the NYC Marathon. They’ve made multiple appearances on the famed Ralph McDaniels, Video Music Box & Video City TV as well as appeared on the first episode of BTUsessions, a new web series from the creator of Behind the Unsingned gaining much exposure and adding to their list of experiences.

Known for starting and ending cyphers wherever they go, Kilzone is a force to be reckoned with. If you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to their music visit the website at, where you can find everything Kilzone!

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