KillJoy, Music Is My Communication


“These lyrics are the words of all of the children who come from broken homes.”

Underground Hip Hop phenomenon KillJoy dropped out of high school and released his first album “Emphasis on Violence” in 2000. Although he has chopped and screwed (or as he calls it “slowed and slewed”) records for Mitchy Slick, collaborated with Skatterman & Snugbrim (formerly of strange music), and started his own online TV show (Suspicious TV), he has mostly become known for his run ins with the law, his refusal to play by the rules of the corporate music giants, and his unapologetic attitude.

At least half of the full length albums that he has recorded remain shelved and/or hidden away. Although originally born in Emporia, KS, he became a southern California transplant and adopted San Diego as his new home. It was there that he began a lifelong friendship and working relationship with St. Pete, Florida’s Psycho Jesus.

Plagued by alcohol and drug addictions throughout most of his life, music became in many ways the old hermits only form of communication with much of the outside world.

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