Kiiing Dook Is A Diligent Artist On The Rise


Music artist Kiiing Dook’s no stranger to the music industry. From unique sounds to top shelf production, his work definitely stands apart. His ambition and focus has primed the artist to exceed expectations and to become a highly sought out talent by professionals. Don’t miss out on Kiiing Dook because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

The St. Louis, MO artist is an honest artist with an optimistic view on life. “I believe we create our destiny on a daily basis. I rap and sing about life, struggles, goals, and achievements. If I say it I either did it or am about to. I want to bring a positive vibe and message back into hip hop and make music that not only makes people think, but gets them moving and grooving as well,” Kiiing Dook optimistically explains about his music. His approach to music has led him to throwing his own music festival named The Salem MO Barn Show and sharing the stage with Strange Music’s Wrekonize and interviewing him afterwards.

Kiiing Dook currently helping put together three tours: Respect the Underground Stoner Jordan and Bag of Tricks Cat’s-Mighty Blunts Tour, Uno Joven and Yerrty G’s Poetic Justice tour, and Apollo Credence’s 10k Hours tour. He’s also working on a new EP called #KiiingdomComing which will feature some of St. Louis’ best talent as well as some of the country’s hottest underground artists.

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