Kidd Gio, Music Is My Choice


18 year old Hispanic artist Kidd Gio began rapping less than a year ago. His inspirations are Logic, Kanye West, and Kid Cudi. His life was a big unstable world moving state to state, either because of money issues or family or to try something new. Being around drugs never effected the way he thought and that was to stay on a bright path. At Zion Benton High he would always freestyle in the back of the class to make time fly with his friends. He never expected that one day this would be his career. About 2 years he decided to start making music and writing songs. He put together a group called ILL ABSTRACTS and his first show ever was with them; they even opened up for Waka Flocka. Soon after they broke up, Kidd Gio had to make a choice to continue or leave music behind. He decided to stay and is now making great music and hopes to make it far in the industry.

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