Kev Adventures, City Life


With a performance set for December 18, 2015, Bronx born and Yonkers rep Kev Adventures, 23, is an emcee that puts his emotions into his records and has taken great strides in his musical journey performing at open mics across NYC. Brought up with humble beginnings the young artist started his pursuit of music during college by skipping classes to work on beats and visiting different studios to learn more about music. He gained mixing and mastering skills that he still uses today. Kev has worked with underground legend Emplus, with UK beat master Human Cannon, and with Toast187 who works with the Harlem Knights.

Kev’s new video for the track City Life was produced by Human Cannon, directed/photographed by Toast187, and mixed/mastered by bass player Tim Williams.

Facebook: @kevadvntures
Instagram: @kevadventures


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