Kaio, Levels

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Dallas, TX does not have a long track list of successful hip hop artists in its history such as a New York or Atlanta does. There is a silver lining to every cloud though. The way things are shaping up, rapper Kaio (pronounced K.O.) is showing signs to be that lining. Listening to a record from him can be a breath of fresh air to hip hop heads. With the ability to deliver a real message surrounded by witty word play, clever metaphors, and no punches held beats, he has the kind of sound to capture your blood pumper.

He released a mixtape in 2013 entitled The Gospel which caused quite a stir just based on the title alone. Once it was released and fell on ears it was apparent that Kaio had created an underground masterpiece. His work on that project earned him heavy radio play on 411reality.com and the single “Piranha” gained the number 1 spot on numberonemusic.com.

Recently Kaio released the single “Levels” featuring his closest friend SlikkMuzik, a Grammy award winning music producer from just across the tracks in Dallas. The 2 collectively are working on Kaio’s debut EP titled R.N.S. Blvd which will be available on iTunes and everywhere else in April. But what you’ll want to covet is the debut album Live With It, Then Die Without It which will be out later this year.

Official website: www.planetkaio.com

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