K-KiD: Knowledge In Diversity


From notable styles and a stunning stage presence, K-KiD’s music is standing out as an entity all its own. The quality of art, music, and dedication put forth by the artist has definitely made a mark and impact on the music community. It won’t be long before you hear K-KiD’s music nationwide and internationally. Major moves are being made by this amazing talent.

Brooklyn born and West Palm Beach, FL raised, the intrepid artist began raping in the 7th grade gaining influence from his brother, Chris Morris, who just passed away this year. K-KiD’s moniker is an acronym where the K represents the first initial of his nickname Kory and KiD standing for knowledge is diversity. Aside from being a solo artist he’s also a member of the rap group called Top Notch. He currently calls Miami home as he attends Florida International University where he’s rebuilding his image in a new market.

His debut mixtape A KiD’s Journal received 2.2K plus views and his song has amassed 15K plus views on YouTube. Most recent he released the EP titled No Hooks whose concept is based on going to jail for hooks and only being able to free verse tracks. The follow up will be a mixtape titled Sample This KiDs where each track features a sample. With these two tapes he seeks to propel himself into the Miami limelight and also use them to start performing around the state.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/courtney-bigby

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