K-Camo, DopeLogic Records


K-Camo, Alex Campbell, is an American hip-hop artist and entrepreneur. Originally starting as an emerging artist recording himself at his makeshift home studio, Camo has since developed his music and brand to become a top player in the Ohio hip-hop scene. His songs feature a blend of intellectual lyrics delivered through catchy melodies over beats you won’t forget leading to a unique and addictive sound you can’t get enough of. K-Camo has worked with some of the top Ohio talent, received national notoriety, and even oversees his own successful record label. In an effort to unite local talent, Alex formed DopeLogic Records in 2012. DL Records is now home to some of the top talent in the Midwest, has a network exceeding 100,100 fans, and is arguably Ohio’s #1 independent rap label.

Official website: www.twitter.com/kristophercamo

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