Justyce, Talent For Wordplay


“Always to speak on the truth and not to fake something to get noticed.”

Justin Saladyga, Justyce, lives in a little known city outside of West Palm Beach, Florida called Boynton Beach, but grew up in Rochester, NY in a large family. He wasn’t particularly musical in his early life, played the trumpet when he was in 6th grade was about it. Around the same time he began writing. It wasn’t until after Justin left the Navy, honorably discharged after a two-year stint, that he first realized his talent not only for writing but for wordplay too. Very soon he turned to rap. The date he became a solo artist was September 26, 2011.

In a very short period Justin has already gained musical experience by performing mainly at local venues in Rochester, playing at The Dub Land Underground, and the California Brew Haus. So far he has recorded with Triple R Music Group in Albion, NY and has done features with Tony “T-Greene” Greene in Brockport, NY. Currently he records at Plush Recording Studios in Winter Springs, FL. He has a mixtape out titled “My Thoughts,” and he has an EP titled “Self Made” coming out July 25th of this year as well. His most popular songs include “Roc City,” “Back in the Day,” “Come Together,” “Therapy Session-Intro,” and “Dreamers.” He’ll also soon be opening for Kid Ink.

Justin Saladyga isn’t just a guy who flips hamburgers. He graduated from high school, served in the Navy, and today he is studying to become a Personal Trainer. His music is played in 23 different States across the U.S. One of his favorite lines comes from Eminem’s “The Way I Am”: “I am whatever you say I am.” Those who hear Justin’s music know who he is. And his goal is to take Hip-Hop music and bring it back to its former glory. “Where people actually talked about real things or told a story, and a song was based on its merit not its monetary value.” That’s who Justin Saladyga is.

Learn more about Justyce on his Official Reverbnation Page.

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