Justin ‘Mega’ McCain, Playing For The Love


It was on a Wednesday, the 21st of May, that a boy arrived in the unusual-usual way making his horoscope confusing, half-Taurus-half-Gemini, and completely amusing. Justin ‘Mega’ McCain lives in Alaska and to this day he’s playing his tunes for everybody. His style it is silly, funny, and optimistic. Unlike many artists who pick up music as a hobby when young, Justin didn’t start playing until serving in the Army and having a daughter. At first songs came slow, but once he found a rhythm, the flow followed.

As time passed on Justin progressed and wrote more songs impressing everyone. It led to being on TV, getting a show, and growing a fan base. Justin lives in Valdez and plays for his town weekly spreading his sound. He aspires to one day play music all around the world getting noticed and heard. Justin isn’t in it for the money or fame, he plays because he loves it. Love while you can, till you can’t stop going.

Official website: http://www.reverbnation.com/justinmegamccain
Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.com/justin-mccain-1

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