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JP ONE (Jackpot Tha Chosen One) is a Hip Hop artist and the CEO of Detroit’s Gifted & Talented, LLC who’s becoming one of the leading forces in Detroit’s Hip Hop scene. JP ONE has released five critically-acclaimed mixtapes, close to two dozen videos, and has been featured on WorldStar, VladTV, and other top Hip Hop sites. All of this in less than four years since being released from prison after serving nine years. This year he dropped his seventh LP titled Fire & Brimstone II. In a day and age where lyricism seems to be extinct, JP ONE, born Alvin Hill, has made it his sole focus. As an artist he has crafted some of the most captivating Hip Hop to date.

Life has not been an easy journey for JP ONE, who was born in Detroit but soon moved to Benton Harbor, Michigan after his father passed from a drug overdose. After a troubling 11 years with his mother he bounced between foster homes and family, but never gave up on his dreams. At 15 he would sign to Motown legend Barrett Strong’s Blarritt Records as Jackpot. Although he would finish recording his debut album, Tha Chosen One, it would never see the light of day due to an ill-fated brush with the law. While incarcerated he occupied his time by writing lyrics and reading business books.

Upon release JP ONE wasted no time and started his own record label releasing his first mixtape Tha Power of ONE exactly 4 weeks after checking out of prison. He was nominated for Best Hip Hop Artist and his project, Gifted & Talented, was nominated for Best Hip Hop Album at the Detroit Underground Hip Hop Awards where JP ONE was one of four performers. The future has never looked brighter for this rising star.

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