Journehy, Not Just Another Pretty Face


Journehy was born in Atlanta, Georgia on April, 3 and is the middle child of five children consisting of two older brothers and two younger sisters. She has always had a love for music and it started off by listening to Motown music artists like The Temptations and Five Heartbeats at her grandmother house. She branched out by joining the youth choir at church and became a part of the band at her middle school playing in the percussion section. During lunch Journehy would listen to kids at school battle rap, but at home would rap with her brothers eventually leading her to become better and write.

Even though she was raised in a Christian home, her mother was always encouraging her to be whatever she wanted and to know that with God anything is possible. Trying to find other female rappers that were well known and inspirational, she came across artists such as Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and the one she admires the most, Eve; she began to study them. Realizing that they each had their own message to give and that it was done in a way that no other could do, she began to perfect her craft and in time would begin to let other people outside the family see it.

At the age of 18 she went on to perform at the grand opening at a local store in Decatur, GA. After that she went on to perform at local shows and taking any available opportunity she could to let her talent be heard and seen. In May of 2014 she was asked to do an interview with freestyle writer’s author Is’Stad Plathaa Rashadeem and became the first woman artist of the month in FSW history. With the dream to share her talents with the world and show everybody that in a predominantly male business woman can rise up and be heard.

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