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Jon “Thousand Times” King, brought up in middle class Matawan, New Jersey and currently residing in South Georgia, is a BMI affiliated American music producer whose genre-bending music utilizes elements of hip-hop, electronic, and pop music. King along with his good friend Michael Gilchrist own Lift Off Music Group LLC, a niche record label that specializes in music publishing, event planning, brand development, and music production. A passionate musician, King has worked with a wide variety of artists both in America and abroad. In addition to having invested over ten thousand hours over the course of eight years into his craft, King is involved in all the business aspects of operating a profitable record label. Working with countless independent artists, King is excited to be entering into television and film licensing as well as the chance to tour internationally with the biggest acts in show business.

Having garnered a sizable fan base of roughly 10,000 listeners across social media, King is excited to embark on the next momentous phase of his music career. Involved in a multitude of endeavors, King is always excited to conquer new challenges and master new skills. At the tender age of 25, King has owned many successful businesses in a variety of industries ranging from automobile restoration to fragrance manufacturing to the record label Lift Off Music Group.

Determined to be a lasting name in music production, King continues to perfect his music daily. Excited to work with new artists, King has produced tracks from artists not only in the U.S. but in South Africa as well. Motivated by the goals set for Lift Off Music Group, the next quarter will include signing more artists to the label, securing dozens of music placements (both in television and film), and working with the Billboard Top 10 artists.

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