Johnny Tsunamii, Spreading His Love For Music


Johnny Tsunamii is a Boston based artist who raps, produces, and records his own music. Although Tsunamii is 20 years old, he’s been involved in music ever since the age of 3. His father (a DJ and drummer) bought Tsunamii a drum set on his third birthday. From there he knew he wanted to be involved in music. Tsunamii learned how to produce using the Reason software at the Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club at the age of 11. At the time Tsunamii wasn’t old enough to peruse music as seriously as he wanted to. Last year Tsunamii was introduced to a producer and engineer by the name of Gwap. He taught him how to produce using FL Studio and has recorded countless songs and various collaborations with both vocal and instrumental production. Now Tsunamii has all intentions to spread his love for music with the world while expressing himself.

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