John De Vinci Delivers A Message That’s Social, Political, & Cultural


When it comes to being musically inclined, John De Vinci’s a seasoned pro in the music business and has made a name for himself. From innovative and vanguard lyrics to impactful performances and styles, the music’s speaking for itself and people are listening. Don’t sleep on John De Vinci because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something ready for release that’s purely unexpected.

The artist raised in Bainbridge, GA now resides in Orlando, FL and has been entertaining since 2007 and writing music since 2009. “I love the culture, from the psychedelic to the surrealism art. My family consists of a lot of talent as far as singing, dancing, and drawing. I’m the new generation and keeping the dream alive. My artwork or I would say my message takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues,” John explains about his art.

The graduate of Full Sail University with a bachelors in digital arts and design has won top 3 in the Coast 2 Coast Orlando edition, has won Atlanta’s 2015 Hip Hop Awards Weekend Music Comp, and won the Step Up 2 Contest in 2007 to be in the movie. Moving forward John is plotting an EP and a mixtape. During the summer he released Zealous and continues to promote it.


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