Joey Doyles, Get Money Give Love


Raised 10 mins outside the city of Philadelphia in southern New Jersey, music recording artist Joey Doyles brings a complete original style to the music industry with his versatile lyrics, charismatic metaphors, unique voice, and catchy hooks. Through his music he reaches basically every demographic out there. Growing up poor he has brought nothing but real life to the people talked about in his music. He first received recognition for his ability to freestyle rap as a young man in the late 1990’s.

Small business and artist website Get Money Give Love is his brand, fans, and his entire entertainment movement. The single “They think I’m Crazy” was signed on to the Dew Tour 2 years in a row and all his new music is currently being considered for TV shows, movies, and many other commercial placements worldwide. This artist has released 3 solo album’s: “Better than the Greatest,” “Undeniable,” and “Black Jesus” which is his latest project and they can all be found online for sale everywhere. To hear some of his newest music check him out on iTunes,, Spotify, etc. There are nothing but big things to come for this artist in the future so stay on the lookout.

Official Website:
Twitter: @joeydoyles & @getmoneygiveluv
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