JettPack, Chrome Vision


Multi-cultured Chris Jett, JettPack, is a Filipino American who is blessed to be born to parents who traveled providing him diverse cultural experiences. Born in Vidalia, Georgia, a small farm town known as Sweet Onion City, the joke can be made that he layers his tracks much like the layers of an onion. Musically inclined, acquaintances with a slew of different strains of herb, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals, JettPack began to seek a vision of the style of production he’d eventually come to compose.

JettPack jump started his idea of a genuine, one of a kind, media platform called Chrome Vision in late 2013 and has been cycling in and out of the building process of this predominately online outlet. He named this, far from mainstream, entertainment investment Chrome Vision because of what the color chrome represents to him personally.

JettPack is in the works of putting together a small online store where he will be making available for purchase personalized prints on t-shirts, tank tops, posters, etc.

Twitter: @JettVision


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