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Music On My Mind -die for

“A good song can be released at any time, but a great song just has that feeling. You can feel that it’s a knockout.”

Hailing from the great state of Texas, brothers J.Dot and Ca$hiff of the hip-hop duo Music On My Mind, have been honing their lyrical and writing gifts since childhood. Setting themselves apart, these two go beyond the pale of mainstream hip-hop to find their own unique voices to give their audience a greater sense of consciousness and breadth. While incorporating different styles and methods, both complement each other to form a group that can best be described as consciousness rap. As the hook-writer of the group, J.Dot brings the foundation of the song while Ca$hiff provides the lyrical integrity to take their special brand of music to the next level.

In true writer fashion, Ca$hiff adds to his repertoire every day. Whether it’s a quote, a metaphor, or even an unrealized idea. He sees the importance of sharp lyrics. J.Dot, on the other hand, uses more of a varied approach. While he can write some songs immediately, others can take up to a year. He lets the song talk to him. The brothers choose to write about life in general. They want to share the stages of growth and progress, struggling and surviving that almost everyone can relate to. However, they want to do it in a way that uplifts their people helping others seek solace in their music to strive to something greater.

Not only are the brothers positive about their own music, but they are optimistic about the future of the rap game in general. They see music as going back more to their type of music – a strong emphasis on lyrics. They feel like that consciousness that was missing is now returning with artists spending more time on their craft. Ultimately, Music On My Mind is looking for that highly sought-after record deal. But most important of all, they are looking for the appreciation from the fans and want to leave them with something memorable.

Official website: www.facebook.com/musiconmymind4ever

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