Jaye Alpha, Aiming High


Surrounded by the aura of music is how Jaye Alpha grew up in Virginia. Both his mother, father, and eventual step-father were fanatics of Rap, but it was the combo of his mother and step-father that provided him with an in-depth experience in the genre. With both of his parents being rappers and a part of the group Da Regime Team, Jaye was immersed within music leaving an impression on him. He witnessed songs being recorded before him and it was natural that he’d pick up a liking for it.

It began with writing little raps that Jaye recorded and soon it erupted into performing at club, being in music videos, and recording at different studios all while still being a youngin’. He devotes his success to his step-father who took him under his wing and opened the doors that he couldn’t. He encouraged him to continue working on his music and set in stone the mentality to never give up.

With the potential to truly succeed in the music industry, Jaye’s every move is accompanied by his step-father’s voice to aim high and achieve goals.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jayealpha
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jayealpha
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jaye-alpha-1


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