Jayce Thakat, Ready To Be Heard


Born in northern California, Jayce Thakat was introduced to rap at a young age. His first CD collection ranged from LL Cool J, 2pac, and DMX, all artists from the golden age, to soul and r&b pioneers Boys II Men. A fan of many different music genres, he seemed to really gravitate toward artists like 2pac and Dr. Dre. At the age of 11 he started to write as a way to escape everyday struggles in life and eventually finding a definite love in the song writing process.

A workhouse in the studio, Jayce is hungry and just waiting to be heard. And we’re excited to give you a peek into what’s he’s released on Soundcloud via the playlist that’s compiled. With a solid foundation influences, his music is an embodiment of those artists and genres and more ready than ever to go public.

Facebook: thakat530

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