Jason Stabbs, #Swerve


With an extraordinary gift to connect with people from all walks of life, Jason Stabbs is a young entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, PA who began his endeavors of becoming an emcee as a young child. His fascination with different patterns of rhyme schemes and empowering lyrics showcased by his favorite artists, along with hip hop culture, influenced him to submerge himself within it. Stabbs worked diligently on his own craft to create the perfect combination of lyrical content, rhyme patterns, subject matter, and performance with aspirations to one day break into the music industry.

Unlike most youngsters with dreams of becoming a star, Stabbs took every opportunity presented to him to showcase his musical talent as a youngster whether it be free styling for peers, rap battling, or performing in talent competitions. Known for being a musical enthusiast, Stabbs got his first chance to display his artistry when he was 14 years old when a local group caught wind of his talents and requested that he feature on their debut project. Once released, the song got great reviews and inspired Stabbs to try and take his career to the next level and create his own label named G.M.R City Inc. LLC.

In 2011 he released his first mixtape entitled “The Westside Spokesman” which was composed of mixtape freestyles over industry beats in which his goal was to reconnect with his audience. Now having graduated from college he has returned home to Pittsburgh to continue his quest of breaking into the music industry releasing his first smash hit entitled “#Swerve” off of his upcoming project due to be released later this year. Over his career the young artist has done some great things and made even better music, but yet has still so far to go.

Official website: www.citylifesociety.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/citylifestabbs

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