Jakobe; The Diamond in the Rough

Rude Boy Magazine

Growing up in Daytona Beach, FL, rapper Jakobe was a more known as a superior student in the classroom than a musician, He even graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA. It was outside of school that Jakobe began developing a love for Hip-Hop. Jakobe always found enjoyment in music since his younger years, but with the divorce of his parents during his senior year of high school, writing rhymes became his outlet. Only then did Jakobe begin uncovering his hidden talent. From starting just one year ago seriously recording music, Jakobe has become a familiar name around town. In August 2013, Jakobe released his first mixtape, Reintroduction, followed by his second mixtape, Skeptical, in late December. Through the creation of new pieces, Jakobe has broadened his musical spectrum and found a passion in developing different styles. Each record recorded reflects real-life situations, which allows the listener to connect to the lyrics and the music. Jakobe is currently working on his third mixtape, which has yet to be titled, and his first EP, Please and Thank You, which is set to be released no later than early July. With strong drive and the motivation to succeed, Jakobe will continue in his efforts to show the rest of the world his talents to achieve his lifelong goal of becoming an inspirational artist.

Check out Jakobe on his website at www.Jaboke386.com and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/jakobe386.

Jakobe – Above It All

Jakobe – Like a Diamond

Jakobe – Fried Rice

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