Jackson Myers, Moving Minds Forward

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Jackson Myers began writing music at the age of 17 as a way to cope with life growing up in the South Bronx; it wasn’t easy but music kept his sanity intact. Never believing in a musical career when starting out due to thinking he lacked the charisma and talents, it all soon changed for Jackson when classmate Terrence Mack (Tee Jay) invited him over to rap over beats. Hesitant at first and nothing to lose, he went for it.

After an hour of writing to Chief Keef’s “I Don’t Like,” it was Jackson’s turn to step to the mic. With pounding heart and the recital of his first bar, once he got going it all flowed out and for the first time he felt that he could do anything. There were no boundaries, no limits, and he knew this is what he wanted to do forever.

Ever since then the development of his music and brand have become a part of Jackson’s everyday life, he’s always working on new songs and loving every minute of it. The goal is to move minds forward and show younger generations that there is another way out and to shine a spotlight on New York.

Twitter: @jacksonproblem
Facebook: @Jackson Myers
Instagram: @jacksonmyerslives

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